Masjid Alwadood

Located AT 111 CHURCH STREET NORTH ORONO L0B 1M0 (647) 893-9170



Juma Timings
1:45 PM Arabic Khutba
2:00 PM Salaat

Masjid Salaat Times

15 Shw 1445 / 24 Apr 2024
 Salah  Begins   Adhan  Jamat 
 Fajr 4:26AM 5:20AM 5:30AM
 Sunrise 6:16AM
 Zawal 1:02PM - 1:12PM
 Dhur 1:12PM 1:30PM 1:35PM
 Asr 5:04PM 6:20PM 6:30PM
 Maghrib  8:10PM 8:12PM 8:14PM
 Isha 9:39PM 9:50PM 10:00PM
 Jumah 1:12PM 1:30PM 2:00PM

Latest News

Ladies Classes

Classes are held from 12:00pm to 2:00pm on Sundays. The Topics being covered include Qur'an Translation, Fiqh of everyday life, Rewards for everyday Deeds and Hadith Memorization

Teen & Adult Classes

Everyday after Maghrib Salaat, short learning sessions are held for teens & adults. Currently we are studying the compilation of Hadith by Imam Tirmizi

Evening Maktab

No Evening Maktab At This Time
Click Here For More Details on The Program when it will eventually begin.

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