Funeral Services

In the event of a death, please call one of the following

Funeral Services - Coming Soon

Masjid Alwadood Funeral Service Price List

Licensed Funeral Coordinator and Certified TSO
Licence number TSOR-1583
Operated by the Ummati School (4751773)
Managed by Noor-ud-din Ghauri (4751774)

Noor-ud-din Ghauri - (647) 893-9170

Asma Ghauri - (289) 893-0749

You may call us at any time, whenever the difficult situation occurs. We will make all the necessary arrangements.

After you call us, you may be required to come to the Funeral Services Office at 111 Church Street North in Orono, to complete the necessary paperwork.

If someone is near death and death is expected, call the office and begin the paperwork in advance to save time and stress at that time.

Burial is usually done in either:

Thornton Cemetery Oshawa
1200 Thornton Road North
Oshawa, ON L1J 0C9
 (905) 579-6787
Duffin Meadows Cemetery Pickering
2505 Brock Road North
Pickering, ON L1X 0K3
 (905) 427-3385
Or any other Cemetery in Ontario where you may have already made an arrangement

Once the Death occurs and we notify the cemetery of the death, you will also have to call the cemetery yourself as well, and speak with A FUNERAL COORDINATOR for the purchase of the Burial Plot. 

You may be required to go to their office during business hours and fill out the necessary paperwork with them.
You can also do it over the phone and sign with docusign.

The Office Hours for both Cemeteries is:
8:00am to 5:00pm
Monday to Saturday (Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)

The cost of a Grave in the Muslim Section of these graveyards is as follows:

Adult :                           $2511.50 + HST
Child/Infant :                 $705.00 + HST

Cost of INTERNMENT (Opening and Closing the Plot)

Adult:                            $1360 + HST
Child/Infant                  $480 + HST

Total Cost of a grave for an Adult  -      
$3871.50 +HST =

Total Cost of a grave for a Child/Infant -
$1185 + HST =

Funeral Services at Masjid Alwadood Includes:

  • Release of The Body
  • Transportation of The Body to The Masjid
  • Preparation for Burial
  • Coffin (Box) and Kafan (Shroud)
  • Registration of Death
  • Securing Burial Permit
  • Janaza Salaat and Service
  • Transportation to the Cemetery
  • Full Burial

Currently The Masjid charges $1500 for these services

If you want to join a program that will cover the funeral expenses for each of your family members upto $7000 each, we recommend that you contact
They will cover all funeral expenses for each family member.

Dealing with Immediate Needs
If you cannot afford the funeral expenses, you may contact Durham Region Social Services Funeral Expenses Assistance. 
905-666-6239 ext. 7239
If you have all the information they require from you about the deceased, once you complete the application, you may get same day approval for funeral expenses.

Arranging for Living and Other Immediate Expenses
 Contact the deceased’s bank or credit union to provide money for the family’s immediate living expenses.
 Determine whether immediate family members have any urgent financial needs. If so, and if those persons can not wait for the estate to distribute assets, look for the following sources of funds…
 Insurance policies
Please deal appropriately with any insurance policies of the deceased. It would be advisable to consult experts.
 Company benefits
Contact the employer to have any unpaid salary, pension, group insurance or union benefits.
 Canada pension or Survivor Benefits
Contact the nearest Canada Pension Plan Office to determine if any pension or survivor benefits are payable.
 Employment Insurance
If the deceased was receiving employment insurance benefits at the time of death, the estate is eligible to receive benefits for the two weeks following their death.
 Unions or Business Associations
If the deceased was part of any union, club, business, or fraternal association, check to find out if he or she had any group life insurance or other benefits.

Important Phone Numbers
Federal Government Related
 Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, GIS
1 800 277 9914
 Social Insurance Number
1 800 206 7218
 Canada Savings Bonds
1 800 575 5151
 Employment Insurance (open files)
1 800 206 7218
 Passport Office
1 800 567 6868
 Government Pension (civil servants only)
1 800 561 7930
 Death Certificates
1 800 461 2156
 Boat Registration
1 877 242 8770
 Fire Arms Registration
1 800 731 4000

Provincial Government Related
 Driver’s License
416 235 2999
 Health Card
416 314 7444
 Property Ownership
416 314 4430
 Drug Benefit Card
416 327 8109
 Ontario Disability Support Program
416 325 5666
 Gains (provincial income supplement to GIS)
1 800 263 7965
 Child Care Supplement
1 800 263 7965
 Outdoors’ Card
1 800 387 7011